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DeepMotion's Motion Capture AI - Revolutionizing Animation with Realism

DeepMotion's Motion Capture AI technology, specifically our flagship software Animate 3D, is transforming the animation industry by making advanced motion capture capabilities accessible to both general and technical users. With Animate 3D, you can convert ordinary videos into captivating 3D animations that exhibit natural and lifelike movements.

Our markerless motion capture technology intelligently tracks:

Animate 3D supports a wide range of animation formats, including FBX, BVH, GLB, and MP4, ensuring compatibility with your preferred tools and platforms.

Getting Started in Animate 3D

Check out our comprehensive resources in the sidebar or watch our latest introductory tutorial below. This tutorial also covers our free Animation Credit Program where you can use text labeling to earn free animation credits.

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Motion Capture Made Easy - No Equipment. No Limits.

Whether you're a professional animator, game developer, virtual reality enthusiast, or someone passionate about creating realistic animations, DeepMotion's Motion Capture AI opens up a world of possibilities. Animate 3D eliminates the need for specialized equipment or marker-laden suits, offering markerless motion capture through cutting-edge AI technology. Our algorithms analyze video input, intelligently tracking body movements, facial expressions, and hand gestures to seamlessly translate them into immersive 3D animations.

Designed for Everyone, Anywhere, Anytime.

Our software caters to both general users and technical experts, ensuring accessibility and flexibility for a wide range of animation projects. With Animate 3D, you have the power to create stunning animations using your own video content, right from the comfort of your own environment. Whether you're working on character animations, gaming projects, virtual reality experiences, or enhancing virtual avatars, DeepMotion provides the tools you need to bring your creative vision to life.

What Sets DeepMotion's Motion Animate 3D AI Apart From Other Motion Capture Tools

Markerless Motion Capture.

Our AI algorithms accurately track body movements, facial expressions, and hand gestures without the need for physical markers or specialized equipment.

Realistic Animation.

By capturing natural movements from video footage, Animate 3D generates animations that are lifelike and immersive, enhancing the overall quality and believability of your projects.

Flexibility and Accessibility.

Animate 3D is designed to be user-friendly, allowing both general users and technical experts to utilize its powerful motion capture capabilities. You can use any camera, including mobile devices, to capture your video content.

Wide Range of Applications.

Whether you're a professional animator, game developer, or virtual reality enthusiast, Animate 3D caters to various industries and projects. It supports character animations, gaming projects, virtual reality experiences, and more.

AI-Driven Innovation.

DeepMotion is continuously pushing the boundaries of motion capture technology through AI advancements. We strive to provide the most accurate and efficient motion capture solutions to enhance your animation workflow.

Comprehensive Documentation and Support.

Our documentation and tutorials cater to both seasoned professionals and newcomers to animation. We provide comprehensive capture guidelines to kickstart your journey. Additionally, we offer advanced features tailored to different subscription tiers, ensuring that all users can harness the full potential of our motion capture technology. Our articles are tagged for accessibility based on your subscription level, making it easy to find relevant information.

At DeepMotion, we are committed to providing a professional yet friendly experience. We want you to feel supported and confident as you explore the exciting world of motion capture. So dive in, explore our documentation, and get ready to bring your animations to life like never before.

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