SayMotion API
Transform Words into 3D Motion for Your Digital Experiences

Unlock the full potential of 3D human motion with the SayMotion API. Designed to cater to a wide range of motion needs, our technology is perfect for mass generative human motion creation, offering unparalleled efficiency and creativity in your projects.

SayMotion API access is currently limited to verified partners. Please sign up for consideration!

What's Included

Animation Generation
AI Editing Tools,
Including Inpainting
Custom Character
Body Animation (Hand & Face Coming soon!)
Mocap Refinement (Coming Soon!)

Key Applications

Ambient Animation for World Building

Enrich your virtual environments and bring your digital worlds to life with dynamic, contextually generated animations, for crowd simulation, NPC animations, background characters and more!

Rapid Prototyping and Storyboarding

 Accelerate the development process from concept to visual storyboard, enabling swift iterations and decision-making.

Direct App Integrations

Enhance applications with embedded animated sequences, from educational tools to interactive storytelling, providing users with a deeply engaging experience.

Unique XR Experiences

For experiences that require true 3D motion, push the boundaries of virtual and augmented reality with custom animations that respond to user interactions, creating immersive and personalized XR adventures.

Metaverse Motions

Enable user-generated expressive avatar animations in your digital worlds to create more meaningful interactions and deepen user engagement.

Broad Use Cases

From film and animation production, gaming, and virtual/augmented reality to advertising, education, corporate training, social media content creation, and beyond, SayMotion's API is your gateway to innovative animation solutions. Whether it's for ambient world-building, creating dynamic content for games, generating engaging educational materials, or crafting immersive advertising campaigns, our platform is equipped to bring your vision to life.

How to Sign Up for API Access

Step 1 - Navigate to SayMotion API Portal

Sign up for your SayMotion account at, then access the SayMotion API Portal.

Step 2 -  Request API Access

Fill out the SayMotion API Access Request Form.

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