Text to 3D Animation

SayMotion - Future of Motion at Your Fingertips

SayMotion™ harnesses the power of Generative AI, leveraging DeepMotion's extensive library of motion data to transform text prompts (video prompts coming soon!) into 3D animations. It eliminates the need for specialized hardware, technical expertise or stock animations making 3D animation accessible to creators of all experience levels.

Simply type in your text prompt to direct the motion, and watch your ideas come to life in 3D animations. You can easily export your files in .FBX, .GLB, .BVH or .MP4 to compliment your companion tool of choice.

Please note that SayMotion is currently in Open Beta

This means we are still polishing the platform- at this time SayMotion is optimized for desktop only and mobile versions of SayMotion are not supported.

SayMotion currently only supports Full Body Animation, Hand and Face animations will be considered later in our development.

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Getting Started in SayMotion

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