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Markerless Full-Body AI Motion Capture

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I'm having trouble creating an Animate 3D Account. What should I do?

Have you followed all our steps in our Animate 3D getting started guide?

If you're facing challenges such as not receiving a verification email or being unable to reset your password, you're in the right place. Simply complete our Contact Support Form, and our support team will promptly assist you in resolving any account-related issues.

What should I do if I can't log in to Animate 3D because the page loads endlessly?

If your page is loading endlessly please try the following:

  • Are you using a browser  'auto-translate' plugin? If so there are issues presented with this feature turned on when trying to sign in.
  • Are your cookies disabled? We require them to be enabled due to the technology we use with our service.

If you are still experiencing issues after checking the above, please try the following:

  • Can you please try clearing your browser cache, closing it completely out, then try logging in again?
  • Can you please try using a different browser?

If you are still experiencing issues after trying the above, please reach out using our contact support form.

How do I begin earning Animation Labeling Credits and Animation Correction Credits?

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to - you can sign up for your free account here.
  2. Click into Animate 3D
  3. Click on ‘Create’ to start a new animation job
  4. Upload your videoOnce your video is uploaded the Text Labeling Box will appear below the video upload.
  5. Provide a detailed description of your video following our Animation Labeling Guidelines
  6. Finish processing your animation. Once completed, you can access the Rotoscope Pose Editor within the animation previewer.
  7. Polish your animation in the Rotoscope Pose Editor and improve your Animation Correction Score.
What are the quick tips to maximize my Animation Labeling Credits while labeling animations?

Your description should cover all aspects of motion as thoroughly as possible using as much of the 256 character count as you can - the better the description, the higher Labeling Score you will receive and the more credits you can earn! Each label should cover at least two aspects of motion (action type and style). See our compressive labeling tips here.

How is the Animation Labeling Credits quality score determined?

DeepMotion uses a proprietary model to assess the Animation Label quality. Exceptional text labels that are highly detailed and use up the full character count have the best chance of earning the full portion of your animation credits back. Check out our comprehensive tips here. Be aware that, currently, our proprietary model is designed for English, and incorporating alternative languages may impact your score.

What are the quick tips to maximize my Animation Correction Credits with the Rotoscope Pose Editor?

The Rotoscope Posed Editor allows you to edit your animations frame-by-frame. By correcting joints of the body that may not have tracked correctly you can earn Animation Correction Credits! Check out our tutorial for the Rotoscope Pose Editor.

How is the Animation Correction Credits quality score determined?

Animation Correction Credits are earned by improving your animation/pose within the Rotoscope Pose Editor. The Rotoscope Posed Editor outputs a Pose Score based on the geometric bone lengths and angles generated within the range of a mechanical model of a human. The closer the animation/pose is to the human model, the higher the score and the more credits you can receive.

Where can I find a comprehensive walkthrough tutorial of the Free Animation Credit Program?

To kickstart your journey, find a detailed walkthrough in our documentation here.

Do earned credits reset, and how do they match my subscription type?

Yes, earned credits reset monthly and do not carry over. Your plan month is noted at the top of your personal dashboard.  The priority of earned credits matches your subscription type, including job priority and other advanced features. Check our pricing page for details.

Regarding the rewards, does this mean all animations are now free?

While not entirely free, you have the opportunity to earn back the maximum animation credits equivalent to the total required for any job. For instance, if a job requires 15 credits, you can potentially earn back the full 15 credits by achieving a high-quality Animation Labeling score and a high-quality Animation Correction score.

Will my reruns impact the number of credits I can earn?

You cannot currently provide new text labels for rerun animation jobs. The label that you provided on the original animation will carry over onto the rerun jobs. The number of reruns you can perform is based on your subscription type. Please refer to the pricing page for details on the available rerun limits associated with your subscription.

Can I use specialized terminologies for motion disciplines?

Yes, feel free to use specialized terms. See our compressive labeling tips here. Do not shy away from cultural/social references & professional vocabularies. Utilize specialized terminologies for each motion discipline if applicable, for example:

- Dancing choreography: Plie, Releve, Pirouette, Pique turns

- Boxing movements: Jab, Hook, Uppercut, Slip

- MMA: Roundhouse Kick, Ground and Pound, Sprawl

- Basketball: Layup, Jump Shot, Crossover

- Gymnastics motions: Vault, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise

When do earned credits reset, and how can I stay updated on program enhancements?

Earned credits reset monthly, aligning with your plan month period listed at the top of your dashboard Stay tuned for updates on gamification and loyalty rewards.

What type of jobs can I earn animation credits from?

You are not limited by the type of job in Animate 3D. You can earn credits for the total amount of credits used in any job, including pose, single-person motion capture, and multi-person motion capture.

‍Can I label the videos in my job library to earn free animation credits?

At this time only new jobs can be used to earn free animation credits. We will be expanding this to historical animation jobs in the near future!

Why should I participate in the Free Animation Credit Program?

We recently announced SayMotion, our new generative AI platform for creating 3D animations from a text or video prompt. Your participation helps us pioneer this new tool, enabling you to be at the forefront of generative AI-driven animation technology. By contributing you play a crucial role in refining and enhancing the platform's capabilities. This collaboration not only provides you with hands-on experience in cutting-edge animation technology but also offers the opportunity to shape the future of 3D animation.

If I obtain the animation using free credits, does that impact my commercial licensing?

No, only your plan type affects your licensing. Acquiring animations through free credits does not affect your licensing. Your licensing remains unaffected by the method used to obtain the animation, whether through free credits or your subscription credits. In order to have licensed animation, you must have a premium subscription plan. Consult the pricing page for details.

How does the Free Animation Credit Program contribute to the animation community?

By participating, you actively enhance user experiences as your text feeds our proprietary model to understand descriptions of motions rewarded by animation labeling credits and how to make them the highest quality with the animation quality correction credits.

Is ‍Multi-Person Labeling Available on Mobile?

At this time multi-person labeling is not available on mobile, check in or subscribe to our newsletter for updates. You can also join our Discord.

What do I get with Animation Credits?

You get access to our AI animation service with Animation Credits. 1 credit = 1 second of animation or 1 3D pose. Face tracking and hand tracking will each cost you an extra 0.5 credit for 1 second of animation or 1 3D pose.

How do I update my Animate 3D subscription?

Visit the Animate 3D Pricing Page for subscription upgrades (for the best experience, log in through your browser)

Alternatively, to check or modify your subscription, head to your personal profile in the DeepMotion Portal (upper right hand corner of the portal.) Click the 'Update Plan & Billing' button, and follow the prompts to make changes. Remember, it's your responsibility to keep your subscription up-to-date, so manage it through your personal profile.

How do I earn free animation credits through the Free Animation Credit Program?

Free credits in our Free Animation Credit Program can be earned in two different ways:

  1. Animation Labeling Credits: You can earn back credits you used for your animation job by adding descriptions to the videos you upload, thoroughly detailing the motion of the person(s) in your video.
  2. Animation Correction Credits: You can earn back credits you used for your animation job by correcting your animation output in our Rotoscope Pose Editor.
Can I upgrade my subscription plan at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade your subscription plan at any time by accessing your Animate 3D account profile menu or pushing the 'Upgrade' button in the header of the Animate 3D portal. When you upgrade your plan the prorated difference between the plans will be charged. Upon the completion of the upgrade, the prorated animation credits from the new plan will be available immediately.

What are the UNLIMITED credits for the Studio Plan ?

The Studio plan offers UNLIMITED credits for an unlimited amount of animation creation. The first 7,200 credits for each subscription month will be processed with the Highest Job Priority. After the first 7,200 credits are used, the remaining animation jobs will be processed at Low Job Priority.

Why doesn't the animation output from Animate 3D look as expected?

Make sure your video aligns with Animate 3D Capture Guidelines before seeking help.

For quick assistance, join our Discord community and share your video in the Animate-3D channel using this link:

For speedy troubleshooting, include the following:

1. Your Original Input Video

This is the video you initially uploaded into the Animate 3D Creator. We need to check the size and frame rate and offer guidelines for improving the input video to enhance the animation output.

Example of an original input video
2. Your Output Animation

Record your screen or export an MP4 of your Animation Output, preferably with the Input video enabled in the background.

3. Capture a screenshot of your job settings

You can find this in your library or click "rerun" in your previewer. Screenshot the original settings before making any changes. Refer to the examples in Library Job Settings and Rerun Settings from Download Previewer.

Example from Library Job Settings
Example of Job Settings Screenshot from Rerun Settings from Download Previewer
How does the Freemium account work, is it really free?

Yes, no credit card required and your account does not expire! Create up to 60 seconds of animations every month no questions asked. Freemium accounts are available for personal, non-commercial use.

What type of video files can I turn into an animations?

MP4, MOV, and AVI input videos are supported. Animations can be exported in FBX, BVH, MP4, and GLB formats (GLB only available for custom characters).

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time by accessing your Animate 3D account profile menu. As soon as your subscription is cancelled, no further invoices will be billed against your account and your subscription will remain active until the final day of your billing cycle.

How do custom characters work, do I need to provide the 3D models?

Animate 3D lets you create animations either using custom characters provided by you or a default set of characters provided by the service. For custom characters we've partnered with Wolf3D to let you create new characters from scratch directly through the service, or you can upload your own FBX or GLB models.

What happens if I run out of Animation Credits

The number of credits you are allowed per month varies by account plan. If you exceed your monthly limit you will either need to wait for your next subscription month to start for more animation credits or upgrade to a higher plan.

What happens to my credits at the end of every month?

For both Monthly and Annual plans, your credits will not carry over and will reset at the end of each month. Your account will then be refilled with the monthly amount allotted by your plan. If you are interested in integrating our API for high volume usage, please reach out to us about our API plans.

Will other people be able to see or use my uploaded videos?

No, your uploads are private to you and cannot be accessed publicly or by other Animate 3D users.

What is the Free Animation Credit Program and how does it affect my plan credits?

The Free Animation Credit Program lets you earn animation credits at no cost by completing tasks like Animation Labeling and Correction. Your participation also contributes to improving animation technology in both Animate 3D and SayMotion, our new Generative AI Text to 3D Motion platform. Learn more about the program here.

How is the reset of the Free Animation Credit Program structured on a monthly basis, and how does it synchronize with my subscription type?

Free Animation Credits reset on a monthly cycle, coordinated with your subscription type - highlighted at the top of your personal dashboard. The priority associated with earned credits corresponds to your subscription type, encompassing job priority and other advanced features.

Does obtaining animation through the Free Animation Credit Program affect my commercial licensing?

No, obtaining animations through free credits does not affect your commercial licensing. Your licensing is determined by your plan type, and the method used to obtain the animation, whether through free credits or subscription credits, does not impact it. To have licensed animation, you must have a premium subscription plan. Consult the pricing page for more details.