Single Person Capture Guide

To ensure the best animation quality with DeepMotion's Animate 3D, please follow these video capture guidelines. Please note that certain features, such as facial tracking and hand tracking, may have additional considerations outlined in our detailed capture guidelines.

Camera Placement

  • Position the camera two to six meters or six to 20 feet away from your subject.
  • The camera should be completely stationary and perpendicular to the person being recorded.
  • Videos with camera movements, zooms, or abrupt switches can negatively impact animation tracking. 

Character Placement For Full Body Tracking

  • Currently, DeepMotion supports single-person capture. Avoid videos with multiple individuals until multi-person tracking is available.
  • For best results for full body tracking, an uninterrupted view of the entire body, head to toe, is required throughout the motion clip. Incomplete figures, such as unframed feet, may result in poor animation quality.
  • Avoid any occlusion or objects covering any parts of the body.

Ground Motions:

  • If you're shooting motions on the ground, try to angle your camera at a 3/4 angle to make sure key joints are not occluded by other parts of the body
FAQ: Will the animation work on different body types? A: We have included a variety of body sizes for you to try out your animation on and preview the results.


  • Utilize neutral lighting conditions.
  • Avoid blown-out lighting or excessively dark lighting.
  • Ensure sufficient lighting to avoid blurry videos or images can lead to imprecise motion tracking. 


  • Create a high contrast between your subject and the background. This will aid in easier motion tracking.


  • The AI requires clear visibility of the joints as markers for accurate motion capture.
  • Avoid loose clothing, like baggy shirts, can obscure key joints and affect motion capture accuracy. Select videos with subjects wearing fitted clothing.
  • Solid color clothing, especially black, can make it challenging for the AI to track joints accurately. Choose videos with clothing that has patterns or texture.

Use a Minimum Video Resolution of 1080p for Best Results.

  • Maintain a recommended frame rate of 30 FPS or higher for higher fidelity animations. Get best results from 60FPS available for premium subscriptions.

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