Multi-Person Tracking Capture Guidelines

To ensure the best animation quality with DeepMotion's Animate 3D, please follow these video capture guidelines. Please note that certain features, such as facial tracking and hand tracking, may have additional considerations outlined in our detailed capture guidelines.

Camera Placement

  • Position the camera strategically to encompass the entire area where motion will be captured.
  • Camera should be placed at chest height.
  • Ensure the camera remains stationary throughout the recording process, with an unobstructed view of all subjects.
  • Avoid objects or obstacles that could obstruct the camera's view.

Character Placement For FullBody Multi-Person Tracking

  • Subject Spacing: Ensure ample space for individuals to move without colliding. It is recommended to avoid all physical character interactions for best results. 
  • Interactions: For optimal results, minimize close interactions or connections like hugging, wrestling, holding hands, etc.
  • Occlusion: Avoid any occlusion between subjects to achieve the best quality. This means objects placed in front of characters, or characters passing in front or behind each other. 
  • Position Stability: Refrain from frequently switching relative positions between characters, as it may lead to incorrectly tracking characters positions and possibly swapping characters. 
  • Ground Motions: If you're shooting motions on the ground, try to angle your camera at a 3/4 angle to make sure key joints are not occluded by other parts of the body

Multi-Person Character Size and 3D Model Compatibility

  • To ensure accurate motion capture results, it's important to consider the relative size of the characters being captured compared to the 3D models they will be applied to.
  • If your custom characters differ significantly in size from the 3D models in your project, adjustments may be necessary during post-processing to ensure proper scaling and alignment.
  • Custom Character height recommendation 5’7”


  • Implement even and neutral lighting conditions across the entire capture area.
  • Steer clear of extreme lighting situations, such as harsh shadows or overly bright spots, which can impact motion tracking accuracy.
  • Ensure sufficient lighting to prevent motion blur and guarantee precise tracking.

Contrast Between Characters and Background

  • Maximize the contrast between subjects and the background to enhance motion tracking. The character’s clothing, including shoes, should not be the same color as the background or ground.
  • If necessary, use contrasting clothing or markers on subjects to improve tracking accuracy. 

Clothing Guidelines for Multi-Person Motion Capture

  • Expose Body Joints: For accurate motion capture, body joints like the elbows, knees and hips are recommended to be clearly visible for the AI to use as markers.
  • No Loose Clothing: Avoid loose clothing, such as dresses, baggy pants, and baggy shirts, as they can obscure key joints and affect accuracy; opt for fitted attire, or exposing key body joints.
  • No Solid Colored Clothing: Solid-colored clothing, especially black, can challenge joint tracking; choose patterned or textured clothing.
  • In Multi-Person Tracking videos, ensure subjects wear distinctly different clothing( such as different colors or patterned clothing) for each person to prevent tracking confusion between characters. 

Use a Minimum Video Resolution of 1080p for Best Results

  • Ensure the video resolution is at least 1080p to achieve optimal results.
  • Higher resolutions can further enhance the quality of motion capture.
  • Maintain a frame rate of 30 FPS or higher for improved fidelity in your captures.

By following these Multi-Person Tracking AI motion capture guidelines, you'll maximize the quality and accuracy of your motion capture results.

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