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Accelerating Production Pipelines: Crafting a Short Film from Scratch Using SayMotion Beta Text-to-3D Motion Animation

Remano D.
3D Generalist @ Method Machine Studio
“Motion Capture gives amazing results, but requires an expensive suit and space to perform, then still requires additional cleanup. SayMotion is much faster and more affordable.”

Key Facts


Produce 3D animation short film in one week using SayMotion Beta


Independent Filmmaking

Project Type

Virtual Production

Motion Source

SayMotion: Generative AI text to motion prompts based on storyboarding

Production Flow

Reallusion-> DeepMotion-> iClone-> Unreal Engine

Companion Tools


Storyboard, iterate, and produce a 3D cinematic short film animation within a week


Use the SayMotion Beta to quickly craft unique 3D human motion animations


A fully realized animated film produced within an exceptionally short timeframe


Machine Method Studios embarked on an ambitious project, utilizing SayMotion's beta tool to create an animated short film within a week.

This narrative serves as a testament to the efficiency and transformative potential of SayMotion for storyboarding and production. Creating 3D animation has traditionally been a complex and time-consuming process, dominated by techniques like keyframing, motion capture, and the use of stock libraries. Innovative technologies like SayMotion are evolving these production pipelines, making them more efficient and accessible. By condensing the traditional timeline and simplifying the workflow, Machine Method Studios demonstrated how new technologies can streamline the animation process.

For creators and studios seeking to streamline their production pipelines and unleash their creative vision, this story offers valuable insights into the practical application of emerging tools like SayMotion.

SayMotion is currently in a Beta and has a lot of upcoming improvements and changes including expanding the already expansive motion model, adding more robust AI tools for merging animations together for smoother storytelling and much more!

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