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Hand Tracking

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Choose your video

Capture video yourself on any device, or find a video online. There are no suits or required cameras here, letting the world be your canvas and anyone your muse.

Choose your character

Upload your custom FBX, GLB or VRM characters, create custom avatars with the built-in Ready Player Me and Avaturn character creators, or use our default characters - Our AI will automatically retarget animations onto whatever character you choose!

Customize your settings

With pioneering features such as Face & Hand Tracking, Physics Simulation, Foot Locking, Hand to Ground Contact, and Motion Smoothing, you have more control and flexibility to create high-fidelity 3D animations.

Refine your results with Rotoscope Pose Editor

Our new patent pending Rotoscope Pose Editor allows you to trace the motion of your character directly over the input video to ensure a more accurate 3D animation.

What Our Customers Say

“DeepMotion's Animate 3D is a fantastic tool that blew me away with its speed, accessibility, and quality. It's a must have for anyone who relies on motion capture in their work

Jordan A
Artist @ Corridor Digital

"DeepMotion has made such an impact to my animaiton pipeline for my game characters... I'm truly grateful for this great technology

Charles P.
Digital Solutions Expert

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