MetaHuman Creator

MetaHuman Creator

Create highly realistic and detailed digital human characters.

What is MetaHuman Creator? 

MetaHuman Creator is a powerful cloud-based tool developed by Epic Games that allows users to create hyper realistic and detailed digital human characters. It provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of customization options for creating lifelike virtual humans.

MetaHuman Creator x DeepMotion

DeepMotion enables Unreal Engine and MetaHuman users to create 3D Animation from a video with AI motion capture, or turn 2D images into 3D Poses, ready to be imported directly into your projects and onto your MetaHuman characters.

The new Animate 3D “Root Joint at Origin” animation setting allows you to more easily retarget your animations in Unreal Engine. This setting also provides compatibility with MetaHuman characters. Check out the latest tutorial for more, and stay tuned for our future Unreal Engine rig integration directly into Animate 3D.

How to get started with DeepMotion and MetaHuman Creator? 

Create Metahuman animations in Unreal Engine 5 using DeepMotion Animate 3D. Learn how to create full-body animations with Hand and Face Tracking and then retarget them in UE5 in this video.