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October 5, 2023
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Animate 3D V 5.0.0 Release Updates: Unleash Multi-Person Tracking!

Groundbreaking Update: Animate 3D's AI Motion Capture Now with Multi-Person Tracking from any video!

Animate 3D V 5.0.0 Release Updates: Unleash Multi-Person Tracking!

DeepMotion’s Animate 3D V5.0 update brings the highly anticipated Multi-Person Tracking! Check out all the updates including Mobile Compatibility, MP4 Environments and join our new Discord for fast and easy communication with the DeepMotion Team. 

Featured Updates

Multi-Person Tracking (Beta):

Multi-Person Tracking is now in beta and tracks full-body, hand and face motion for up to 8 people (with room to expand!). You can easily select people you want to track, choose those you don't, and select the characters for each person you’re tracking. Check out our guidelines, FAQ and more here: Demystifying Multi-Person Tracking: Your Complete Guide

Animate 3D Mobile Compatibility:

Animate 3D on mobile is now fully supported for single person capture (Multi-Person Tracking coming soon!)! Now easily create animations on the go. With a refined user flow, you can access Animate 3D anywhere from any browser. 

Discord Launch:

Join our new Discord community and get exclusive access to our Support Team, resources, updates, and tips. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a curious enthusiast, our community provides a supportive space to learn, collaborate, and stay up-to-date on our announcements, releases and new products. Join today and be the first to hear about our new Generative AI platform coming soon!

Animate 3D Portal & Backend Updates

  • New Character Library: We have updated your character library to include your personal characters, custom uploaded characters and now the DeepMotion Default Characters. You will start finding platform-specific DeepMotion Default Characters for easy retargeting to your preferred platforms, including Unreal Engine, Roblox, and more to come!
  • Unreal Engine - Root Joint at Origin: This setting is now a legacy setting. An Unreal Engine rig is now available under your character library. 
  • Export Environments: Now when exporting your animations as an .MP4 or .JPG for your poses, you can add environments as your background so that you can easily customize and share your animations. 
  • Transparent Background Export: 3D Poses now allow you to export images with a transparent background for easy layering.
  • Avaturn Face Tracking (Beta): Avaturn characters now support face tracking, now in beta.
  • Rotoscope Pose Editor Frame Slider: Fixed an issue where the incorrect number of frames were being shown on the frame slider. 
  • Animation Processing Performance Boost: Reduced the time it takes to process animations.
  • Invoice Access: Improved the user flow to access past subscription invoices. 
  • Improved Depth Tracking: Improvements to the tracking of motions that go toward and away from the camera.
  • ReadyPlayerMe & VRoid Texture Issues: Fixed issues where some users have been seeing texture issues with their ReadyPlayerMe and VRoid characters when importing them into their external platform tools
  • Cancel Video Upload: You can now cancel a video while it’s uploading instead of waiting for the video to finish uploading before you could clear it. 
  • Library Search: A new search field so you can easily search your past animations and poses.

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