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December 28, 2020
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Animate 3D - V 2.1 Release

Animate 3D just got better, with improved root motion, foot shuffling accuracy and a variety of new .mp4 outputs to share your videos + more!

Animate 3D - V 2.1 Release

Check out all the updates for Animate 3D's Version 2.1, released on November 24:

  • Anti-Foot Gliding Improvements: We have continued to work on minimizing the amount of foot gliding, which results in more stable animation. This addresses not only gliding, but ground penetration, more accurate ground collision and more!
  • Foot Shuffling: We've made a major improvement for recognizing animation that is intended to have foot shuffling, like a moonwalk or jumping jacks. The body will more accurately stay in place while allowing for the feet to glide on the ground.
  • Better Root Motion:  Smoothing of the character root motion reduces the occasional vibrations seen with high amounts of foot movement. Stability is also increased, resulting in higher animation accuracy.
  • Depth Axis Motion: The animation that faced forward toward the camera previously saw better quality than the animation output seen from panning around to view the side of the character. We have addressed this and have improved the animation quality from all perspectives.
  • New .MP4 Output Features: We have added several new Video Output features for the .MP4 format that enables more polished presentation of your animations. In addition to the side-by-side view with input video, we now have a Studio background and a Solid color background both able to be edited with a custom color picker.

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