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June 27, 2024
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SayMotion V1.5 - AI Inpainting Revamp, Expanded Motion Library & API Subscriptions

SayMotion V1.5 - AI Inpainting Revamp, Expanded Motion Library & API Subscriptions

We’re excited to announce SayMotion V1.5, the first update to our new generative text-to-3D animation platform. Stay tuned for Version 2.0 coming hot on its heels in the coming weeks to include new features and EVEN MORE animations!

Foundational AI Model Dataset Expansion

  • With 400K+ proprietary animations, expanding to 800K in the coming weeks, SayMotion’s foundational AI animation model now boasts the largest and most diverse proprietary  3D human motion training dataset out there. With our generative AI platform, we allow users to generate endless human motions! some text
    • Over 100+ new and expanded animation categories including Parkour, Camping, Vikings, Bar & Socializing, Cars & Motorcycles and much more!
    • Improved Animation Quality is thanks to our massively expanded dataset - come back and check out some of your old prompts to see how they work!

AI Inpainting Updates

  • Insert Inpainting Clip: Animation clips can now be inserted at the beginning of an Inpaining session for increased flexibility on extending and editing your animations.
  • Trim Inpainting Clip: Animation clips have new handle bars that can be moved in order to trim the beginning or end of animations so that you can remove portions of the motion that you do not want. 

Beta Participation

  • Expanded Feedback: Your participation in the SayMotion Open Beta means that you are an integral part of our development process. A new expanded feedback form will now allow users to give our team in depth feedback on your generative animation. Every upvote, downvote, and expanded feedback you provide, the better the platform will be!

API Subscriptions

  • SayMotion API Subscriptions: The SayMotion API is meant for developers to integrate directly into their development pipelines or to utilize our text-to-3D animation platform within projects and applications. Free Trials are currently available to sign up for through your DeepMotion account. We have just launched our paid SayMotion API subscriptions so that you can start leveraging the full power of our largest generative 3D animation model in whatever way you see fit!
  • Animate 3D API Subscriptions: Don’t forget about our leading AI motion capture, markerless full-body, hand and face tracking from any video input - no camera, suits or other hardware needed! Our Animate 3D API is now easier than ever to access for Free Trial and paid subscription for high volume users and developers.

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