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May 8, 2024
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SayMotion API Now Available for Free Trials

Add text-to-3D animation directly to your projects!

SayMotion API Now Available for Free Trials

DeepMotion recently launched SayMotion into Open Beta, our new generative text-to-3D animation platform, allowing anyone to start creating dynamic 3D animations with words. We’re excited to announce that this new technology is now officially available as an API, allowing companies and individuals to begin integrating text-to-motion directly into their projects and experiences!

This cutting-edge API is designed to transform text into 3D motion, enhancing digital experiences with dynamic animations. It's aimed at a variety of applications such as game development, ambient animations for world building, direct app integrations, rapid prototyping, expressive avatar animations for the metaverse, unique XR experiences and more! Check out what’s included in the SayMotion API:

  • Text-to-3D Animation
  • Full-Body Animations (Face & Hand Tracking coming soon!)
  • AI Editing Tools - Including Inpainting (Looping, Merging, & More coming soon!)
  • Mass Multi-Variant Generation
  • Custom Characters
  • Mocap Refinement (AI animation refinement coming soon!)

While access is currently limited to verified partners, interested parties can apply via the SayMotion API portal. This innovative tool promises to democratize the creation and use of digital human motion, making sophisticated animations more accessible to creators across different media. 

Is the SayMotion API right for you? See below:

  • SayMotion API: You need to programmatically integrate our services into your apps or workflows, requiring some development work.
  • SayMotion Web Service: You prefer a ready-to-use solution without the need for development work. You can access the web service immediately (and for free!) here:

For more information, demo code and to sign up, check out more about our API here: /saymotion-api

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