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March 19, 2024
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SayMotion™ Open Beta Guide: Getting Started With Text-to-3D Animation

Discover the SayMotion™ Open Beta through our guide, empowering you to unleash your creativity and shape the future of animation.

SayMotion™ Open Beta Guide: Getting Started With Text-to-3D Animation

We're thrilled to unveil the Open Beta for SayMotion (formerly MotionGPT), marking a pivotal moment in the next generation of 3D animation. Special thanks to the invaluable feedback from our Closed Beta testers and Discord community, which has been instrumental in refining SayMotion and sparking ideas for the future of the platform.

The SayMotion Open Beta is now available to everyone! This guide will help you jump start your journey into generative 3D animation creation. In the spirit of Open Betas, we encourage all SayMotion users to share their insights, feedback and to collaborate on enhancements as we push the boundaries of animation together. This is just the beginning!

What is SayMotion?

SayMotion harnesses the power of Generative AI, leveraging DeepMotion's extensive library of motion data to transform text prompts (video prompts coming soon!) into 3D animations. It eliminates the need for specialized hardware or technical expertise and goes beyond stock animations with creative motion synthesis making 3D animation accessible to creators of all experience levels. 

Simply type in your text prompt to direct the motion, and watch your ideas come to life on your 3D characters. You can easily easily export your files in .FBX, .GLB, .BVH or .MP4 to compliment your external platform of choice.

SayMotion currently only supports fully body animation, Hand and Face animations will be considered later in our development. Currently desktop web browsers are supported with mobile device support being added in the near future.

Exploring Text Prompts and Inpainting in SayMotion

A Text Prompt serves as your guiding instructions for creating dynamic 3D animations, leveraging the power of Generative AI. The essential elements that help craft more precise prompts include a subject, an action, and details of both.

See our detailed text prompt documentation here

Dynamic Motion Editing: With SayMotion's Advanced Inpainting Tool

SayMotion's Inpainting tool utilizes advanced generative AI to enhance animations dynamically. Unlike traditional stock animations or motion capture, this feature allows for seamless integration of prompts, enabling creators to merge, modify, and extend animations with flexibility and precision.

Custom Characters & Familiar Advanced Features 

In SayMotion™, we've incorporated the best of Animate 3D, preserving familiar features like built-in character creators by Ready Player Me and Avaturn, Custom Character uploads, Motion Smoothing, and Foot Locking modes. These tools grant you precise control over your animations. For easy platform retargeting don’t forget to check out our default platform characters for Roblox, Unreal Engine and 3DSMax with more being added!

Sign Up for Open Beta & Shape the Future of Animation Together

But that's not all – we invite you to join our vibrant community and contribute to shaping the future of animation technology. Join our Discord for prompt chats, share feedback, and collaborate with fellow creators to elevate SayMotion™ to new heights.

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