Type. Animate. Amaze.

Transform words into 3D animations with SayMotion™ by DeepMotion

No More Cameras
No More Suits
No More Stock Animations

Motion at Your Fingertips

SayMotion™ requires an internet connection and a web browser - that's it! Type in a text prompt, select a character and see your motions come to life. Easily add your motions to your projects in .FBX, .GLB, .BVH, or .MP4 export formats.

Empowering Creators With AI

SayMotion™ is the next step in DeepMotion’s journey toward empowering creators and industries with effortless cost-effective 3D human animation. This advancement builds upon their previous success with Animate 3D, one of the first AI motion capture cloud services that democratized motion capture. Now, with SayMotion™, DeepMotion’s generative AI solution to 3D animation creation, they have not only simplified the animation creation process further but have also fully transcended physical barriers, empowering an even wider audience with visually engaging 3D animations generated from a simple text prompt.

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